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Beginners Mat Classes

These classes are highly recommended for those who do not have any serious injuries and who enjoy the social and fun aspect of being part of a group. These classes are limited in numbers ensuring everyone receives the benefit of corrections, adaptations or modifications throughout the class as appropriate.

The classes are aimed at those who have little or no previous experience of Pilates or whom may not have practiced Pilates for some time, and for those who are still developing their strength and stamina.

These classes will introduce you to the fundamental of Pilates: Alignment, Breathing and Centring. You will learn a host of exercises which are building blocks to the more advanced versions and will give you the knowledge and skills for good technique, breathing, neutral spine and develop your awareness of your body and begin to focus your mind on your posture as you go through everyday life.

It is advisable for all new Beginners to attend an Initial Consultation

Pilates classes - Beginners