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Why PilatesWise?

Kat is an experienced fully certified Body Control Pilates® teacher. Body Control Pilates® is renowned for safe and effective teaching worldwide and to the highest standard.

Can Men do Pilates?

Absolutely. Pilates was designed by a man after all! We welcome everyone to our classes and many of our classes have male participants.

Will Pilates help me perform well in other sports?

Many professional sports men and women practice Pilates to enhance their performance. Pilates rebalances the body, improving areas of weakness, building strength, and rebalancing the body. It compliments other sports brilliantly for those reasons alone, plus the many other considerable benefits.

What shall I wear?

It is advisable to wear something comfortable like leggings or shorts and a t-shirt, beware of pockets and seams which can cause discomfort if you lay on them! It’s useful for your teacher to be able to see the outline of your body so something fairly fitted is ideal. Non slippy socks are useful, alternatively you might prefer to do the class bare foot.

What shall I bring?

We provide mats, head cushions and small equipment as necessary. It’s advisable to bring a drink of water in case you need one.

Is it just a fad?

To put it simply, no. Pilates is a highly recognised safe and effective form of exercise widely practised worldwide and it is certainly here to stay.

The results you feel and see wont just remain on the mat, we will help you learn to incorporate it into your everyday lives, how you walk, stand, drive, sit at the computer, as well as in your other sports such as walking, swimming, running, playing golf, skiing, cycling to name but a few.