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Terms & Conditions

All booking enquiries received online are subject to availability.

Group Classes

Group classes are purchased and scheduled on a termly basis, meaning that you book a particular class for an entire terms duration, which is usually 6-7 weeks at a time. We ask for priority payment to be made no later than the date given on each terms newsletter, but certainly by the Wednesday before the new term will begin, and for payment to be made directly into our bank account where possible. Once priority booking ends, spaces not reserved will be offered to the general public. We ask you kindly confirm 3 weeks before each term ends that you intend to return so we can organise our groups. We therefore reserve the right to release the space to another client if we do not have payment as agreed.

Please ensure you notify the teacher before the class of any change in health, including blood pressure, pregnancy, anything at all. It may be very important.

Payment can be pro-rata if you join a class mid-term.

We offer a ‘make-up’ system which means if you cannot for any reason make your usual class, we can arrange for you to attend another class that week.

We ask you kindly provide us with a months notice of your intention to leave a group class, enabling us to offer the place to someone else. Cancellation within a month will be chargeable.

Group classes once paid are non-refundable.

We reserve the right to cancel a classes should the need arise and will provide a minimum of 24 hours notice of this and where possible we will provide a cover teacher. It is very rare that this occurs, and on these rare occasions these classes are non-refundable however you can make-up the missed session in another class or request we deduct a class fees from the next term.

Private Classes

All private classes are an hour in duration. Should it be necessary to cancel please allow at least 48 hours notice otherwise the private lesson will be payable in full.

Initial consultation

We prefer all new clients attend an Initial consultation enabling us to assess your level and ability, discuss any private issue of health or otherwise and if you are a beginner enabling us to deliver all the information necessary for you to come along to your first class and understand what Pilates is all about and therefore really enjoy your classes and gain the most from them.

All initial consultations must be cancelled with at least 48 hours notice otherwise the private lesson will be payable in full.