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I have been doing pilates intermittently for a number of years with different instructors. Most of the classes have been fairly large (15+) but Katharine keeps hers small so that she can give her clients the attention they require. She is very knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic. I also enjoy using the range of varied equipment Katharine brings to the classes which “keeps us on our toes” and makes sure the classes do not get repetitive or boring. I recommend her classes to anyone wishing to keep flexible or with problems (back pain etc).

Yvonne McCartney, Horsham

The best Pilates class I have been to. Katharine is a brilliant teacher offering support and correction throughout the class. I always feel that I am improving each week and have learnt a lot. We use a variety of equipment and I look forward to class each week. I had a personal goal to improve my core strength after two pregnancies and with Kat’s kind encouragement and helpful guidance, I have achieved this and gained knowledge of a wide range of exercises to continue to improve and maintain this strength :)

Becca Hollis, Southwater

Kat is an amazing Pilates teacher and takes a special interest in each and every person, taking into account any medical issues they may have. I really enjoy running and find that Pilates creates a great balance for me, helping me to be a better runner! I couldn’t recommend her more.

Melanie Tilly, Southwater

Kat’s weekly Pilates sessions are a life saver – I have a medical condition affecting my joints, which are frequently weak and painful, and her Pilates classes are a Godsend as they keep everything in place! Kat is always happy to suggest alternative exercises if I have pain one week, so I can always take part no matter what. She is extremely knowledgeable, and a great communicator so can teach a student who is a total beginner right up to someone much more experienced. The lessons are always interesting with new moves introduced regularly, we always laugh throughout, and always leaving feeling a million times better (and walking a bit taller!)

Kate Mayo, Horsham

I would thoroughly recommend PilatesWise and Katharine. The classes are small and so she is able to help everyone achieve the right positions with every exercise. She is great and explaining exactly how the body works and how each exercise we do in the class helps our body to be stronger and aligned. I always feel stretched and Longer!

Vicky Abrehart, Southwater

Lower back much better than it was a year ago, all thanks to you.

Rachel Hill, Southwater

We have been doing pilates for nearly two years now and we’ve learnt such a lot from a brilliant teacher. The step by step instruction ensures that the movements that we are doing are as close to the real thing as possible. Our core strength has improved so much and has stopped my back problems. We both really enjoy the classes!

Pete and Poppy, Teacher - Christs Hospital

I have been very happy with the Pilateswise classes I have been attending for almost a year. They are well run with a very helpful and supportive instructor so you know exactly how to get into position and why the position helps your body. I have seen a big difference in my movement since starting the classes. The classes are also very friendly and enjoyable. I would deinitely recommend them!

Lucy Stevens, Horsham

I really enjoy the Pilates classes as they have helped me to relax and unwind.
Kat is a great instructor and moves at a pace that accommodates everyone in the class

Lesley Quinton, Horsham

I look forward to going to my class every week and I highly recommend them. I have extremely tight hamstrings and hipflexers mainly caused through running and Katharine’s classes have given me a lot more movement and a lot less pain. The classes are small and friendly and Katharine is very knowledgeable and will always make sure you are doing all the exercises correctly. I cannot put in words how good these classes are, you need to try them for yourself!

Hayley Furneau, Southwater

I have been doing Katharine’s class for a few weeks and in that time I have learnt so much more than any other Pilates class I have been too. I have never been shown Pilates the right way until now as Katharine always makes sure we are doing the correct movement. I can’t say how much it has improved my back and posture. When being instructed on exercises Katharine will always tell us what it is good for so we can practise these exercises at home if we want too. The class is very intimate which is what you need when doing Pilates. The surroundings and the attention that we all individually get is excellent value for money. I love my Wednesday class that I have signed up for another term.

Laura Parriera, Horsham

Great classes Katherine. I look forward to mine every week. Keeping an old(er) body younger. I gave you an endorsement too on the Horsham site. Don’t get too famous or you won’t have enough time for good Southwater folk!

Stephen Wise, Southwater

I have been going to Katherine’s classes since September and cannot recommend them enough. Since having a prolapsed disc 4 years ago I had had pain in my leg nearly everyday. Since joining Katherines class my pain is much less. I didn’t realise how much good it was doing for me until I couldn’t attend for 4 weeks. Once I went back I felt very stiff again but after a few weeks felt much better. I love the fact that the classes are small and that Katherine is always on hand to correct you so you know that you are doing it right. Katherine also gives us handout so that we can practice at home. You certainly get value for money.

Lisa Clark, Southwater

My back has been quite a bit better recently and probably that isn’t a coincidence.

I think the quality of teaching is excellent and the small classes are beneficial in enabling you to provide people with individual attention when necessary.

Linda, Horsham

I thoroughly enjoy your classes and thank you for the professional and disciplined way in which you teach, I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone interested.

Bridget, Barnes Green

I have thoroughly enjoyed coming to see Katharine for private lessons, I feel she has really helped me develop my core strength and my balance and it has definitely improved my awareness of my posture. I leave feeling stronger and longer, ready to face the week ahead. Thank you for giving me the confidence to walk tall again after a long period of low back pain.

Irene Holt, Horsham

Although I am and have been since leaving university a reasonably fit 35 year old male; playing football; running; cycling; and regularly going to the gym I have always had back pain particularly low to mid back pain.

It wasn’t until 5 years ago a chiropractor advised I had previously suffered with scheuermanns disease (a spine condition when the vertebrae grow causing a pronounced curve in the upper spine).

Until taking up Pilates I have managed my back pain with regular visits to the osteopath and chiropractor. I have not had to visit a specialist for a year now and while I do get some pain it is far reduced. Pilates has become an integral part of my training, and my everyday life and has made a huge difference.

Jim Briggs, Associate Director, Corrigan Gore and Street

I would like to say how much I’m enjoying my weekly pilates class. We are a mixed bunch of all ages, shapes and size but the class is run in a very friendly but controlled way and everyone gets individual attention. Kat is very encouraging and clear in her instructions which has been great as we were all complete beginners when we started, but it’s amazing to see how much we have all improved after just one term. I would thoroughly recommend anyone thinking of trying pilates to give it a go. I always look forward to my next session, although I do know I should practice more at home – if only I had the time!!!

Jean M, Southwater